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Counter-sanctions. Alexander Rogers

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This text doesn’t pretend on something, it’s just a consideration. The response on the sanctions must be asymmetric because mirror-like response either won’t be efficient or it will take too much of resources. Ideally such counter measures must also generate profit, because the “war result must take us to the higher level in comparison with pre-war status.”

To resist against sanctions the sovereign position must be enforced. For example we should pass the legislation that all court actions regarding physical objects such as territory, right to public-private partnership, mines-and-carriers, plants etc. must be judged not at the place of corporate body registration but at the place of it’s actual location.

In general – to frustrate decisions of all kinds of the British and Swiss courts in every possible way.For example to appeal against the decision of one of such courts in district court of Cherepovec or Murmansk. It will create a precedent, the USA and Great Britain live according to the case-law instead of civil law. As a result of such jurisdiction war we’ll be able to reject on acceptance of their dominion in this field.

In addition from the information war point of view we may take to court for damaging words Mr. Rasmussen and some other NATO functionary. As well as some of eastern mass media. They stated that Russia is guilty of the Boing shooting down before the court decision which is prohibited according to assumption of innocence. That’s why we should sue them for big sum for try on defame the honor and reputation. Such lawsuits must be massively sent both to local and eastern courts (where they will have to lose or otherwise to demonstrate their “double standards” which we could use in the suitable fashion).

Likewise, we should formalize anti-Russian statements of the Ukrainian high officials and TV journalists, separate a gross lie (which is not so hard to do) and massively sent lawsuits against them to eastern courts as well. And demand compensation from them, and the more – the better. They will have either to prove their lie (which is impossible) or to pay for defame. It’s subject especially to statements made in eastern press and translated to other languages.
The Lysychansk oil refinery plant is owned by the “Rosneft” and “BP”. They should sue against the Ukrainian Army on recovery of loss or damage of private property of respectful owners.Moreover, there have already been such precedents in the history.

If the “Rosneft” doesn’t care about it’s property and money, they may donate it for Novorossiya recovery.

There is a standard practice enshrined in the law in Turkey. The production of Turkish origin prevails on every tender; the common (Turkish and foreign) origin – only in case there are no pure Turkish-made production. And the only foreign origin production is the extreme case.
The same practice is applied to technologies. If foreigners want to sell something on the territory of Turkey they must run the production of these goods in Turkey. And it’s preferable that this production will be in the form of Joint Venture (and hence all technologies become the possession of Turkey).

We must demand to establish the Facebook Russian office under the threat of closing down the service in case of refusal. It’s nonsense that all Russian segment of the Facebook is moderated by the Ukrainian office which consists of the true Banderists. They just ignore complaints about Nazi content and Nazi actions but at the same time they regularly ban oppositional bloggers. And in case of any attempts of “color revolution” in Russia they will certainly play along to destabilizers.

The Kiev office makes the political censor and the Moscow office would be able to neutralize these activities.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and especially Russian human-rights ombudsman must activate the policy of pointing on non-democratic activities of American and eastern-European authorities.

There are some of such sporadic attempts (e.g. last year human rights violation in the USA report) but it’s a drop in an ocean.Americans act unashamed and annoyingly making a cosmic scale drama out of every single incident.We have to act in the mirror-like manner expressing disquiet every time firemen saving kitten from the tree not fast enough.

We may assemble the conceptual-ideologist group which will from it’s own media discourse.
But not by concentrating around some certain web-site such as “Odnako” or “Ukraina.ru” (because every web-site obtains the specific readership after some period of existing and then the propagandistic effect becomes exhausted) but on the opposite way – to act on promotion of this poolof authors articles to different mass-media (including translating to European languages and promoting on European mass-media).

Оригинал статьи на русском языке: http://anna-news.info/node/20509



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