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Lukashenko and Karimov accused the attempts to share the contribution of different nations during the Great Patriotic War

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The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov consider all the attempts to determine which of the peoples of the former Soviet Union made the greatest contribution to the victory over the fascism to be wrong. Like Ukraine that is trying to do this now while rewriting the common history of the states of the former USSR. It was claimed on Friday, May, 8th, in Moscow during the informal summit of the heads of the countries of the CIS as “Deutsche Welle” informs. Lukashenko, in particular, marked:” We often say that the Victory is single and indivisible. We really have nothing to share here. We are not accountants and we shouldn’t estimate the level of participation in that war according to its specific gravity. Neither Russians, nor Byelorussians, nor Kazakhs, nor Kyrgyz, nor Uzbeks, nor Tajiks won. The great Soviet people won then. It’s very actual at the moment”, he said at the starting of the informal arrangement. Also the President of Uzbekistan criticized the attempts to exaggerate the importance of some nations and to decrease this of others. According to him, it was the common Victory that brought the release from the fascist slavery.
Translated by Carmen.
Original news: Anna-news.info


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