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Summary events of Novorossiya, December 23, 2016

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Today Kiev fighters have opened fire at Debaltsevo from the artillery. A school, a kindergarten, a church, a power substation and houses were damaged. The locality doesn’t have the electricity. The official representative of the LPR People’s Militia the major Andrey Marochko reported that Ukrainian fighters have shelled Debaltsevo from the localities Svetlodarsk and Mironovsky.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched over 100 artillery shells and mines. Ukrainian fighters opened fire at the western outskirts of Donetsk, suburbs of Yasinovataya, Dokuchaevsk and southern villages of DPR. 4 houses were damaged in the suburbs of Yasinovataya.
Kiev fighters shelled the positions of the LPR People’s Militia 6 times; it has been reported by the Ministry of Defense. They opened fire at the villages Kalinovka, Logvinovo and Zheltoe from artillery weapons, mortars, grenade launchers and small arms.
Multiple Launch Rocket Systems “Grad”, mortars and tanks were detected at the Gorlovka direction. Multiple Launch Rocket Systems “Grad” and “Smerch”, self-propelled guns “The Acacia” and “The Carnation”, mortars and tanks were registered at the Donetsk direction. Self-propelled guns “The Carnation”, howitzers D-30, mortars and tanks were registered at the Mariupol direction, Ukrainian air drones were detected at Donetsk and Mariupol directions, the Deputy Commander of the operational command of the DPR Eduard Basurin reported today.
(photo5) The Ukrainian side promises to free prisoners on 26th or 28th of December, Olga Kobtseva, the head of the working group on the exchange of prisoners reported today.
The Contact group in Minsk has agree to establish ceasefire regime for New Year’s and Christmas holidays, the head of the DPR delegation in Minsk, the chairman of the People’s Council Denis Pushilin reported today.


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