Unjust war. Oles Buzina

Новость: тема тэги гео
The current government, which had got the power as a result of the Maidan, trying to impose an opinion that everything what is happening on the Donbas is the war against Russia.

Hence I have a question to such propagandists: why the soldiers of the 72nd brigade had escaped from the horrors of war to the territory of Russian Federation and nobody had shoot them or placed them to the concentration camps? Instead of this everybody who wished were returned to Ukraine.

Why even the strongest supporters of the Maidan note after visiting of the Crimea which is stated by the Ukrainian Authorities as an occupational territory that the majority of locals is happy about such an “occupation”.
Mentioned above “euro integrated” thinkers are not able to understand the reasons why it’s happening. But in the same time they admit that people in Crimea are happy because of the separation from Ukraine and hang out Putin’s portraits in this regard, the “Segodnya” (“Today”) newspaper is among other sources where such information could be found.That’s the fact! And hence it must be explained. But I have the answer: the reason is that the Crimea wasn’t asked in 1954 if it wants to be in Ukraine Soviet Socialist Republic. And what happened now is that people of Crimea have achieved their dream to get back to Russia.

To get back to their native people. And additional good news are that now Poroshenko and Company have no ability to bombard Sevastopol and Simferopol like Donetsk and Lugansk trying to cover these crimes against their own people under the ATO (Anti-Terrorist Operation) abbreviation. Even if these people don’t want to live no longer in one country with the Maidan fans, even if these people are scornfully called “Downbasses” and “Colorads”, but are these reasons good enough to cannon them? For what to kill them? For the unity of Ukraine? If so there will be no more of such a unity.

The Ukraine unity was trampled by the Maidan putsch and overthrowing a government of such hated by Maidan but nevertheless legitimately elected president, which obtained the majority of votes in 2010. What would you say if Yanukovych would cannonade Lvov and Ternopolwith a 122 mm howitzers just like such a lovely president-confectioner Poroshenkois acting on Donbas right now?

I write the truth. It’s easy and pleasantly to tell the truth. I’m not a terrorist. Not an insurgent. I have no other weapons but the words of truth. It’s the civil war. Unjust war. And you won’t manage to win this war even with the help of the Satan himself.

Оригинал статьи на русском: http://www.anna-news.info/node/19946


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