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Soviet legacy. Alexander Rogers

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Nationals of TheUnitedUkraine!
If you all have decided to declare Bandera to be your spiritual leader, guard ribbon to be an enemy symbol, and also you consider the USSR as the Evil Empire, then, please, be consistent.

1. Destroy all Soviet military banners. When Nazisgo into battle with a red banner – it’s an outright nonsense. When in May I saw Mamchur, waving a red flag and crying “Gameryka is with us”, I thought it was Emir Kusturica’s movie.

2. Renameall military units. “Red banner” or “Suvorov’s order” are inadmissible for ideological anti-Soviets and russophobes, who give Russians dirty names. You don’t deserve Soviet names and Soviet awards.

3. Close down all your landing troops. Soviet General Vasily Margelov was against nazism, so a nazi/russophobe /chastiser can’t be a man of airborne troops. Vasily Margelov views you asa piece of shit.

Invent some other names but chastisers can’t be called men of airborne troops.
4. Get rid of striped vests and blue berets. These are Soviet/Empire survivals. In “TheIndependentUkraine” you must walk in embroidered Ukrainian shirts and in Petlura’s hats with tassels.

5. You’d better decline Soviet AK-74, T-64, Mi-24, MiG-29 (if Micoyan and Gurevich knew who uses their creations and against whom!) and BM-21 Grad. But you are beggars, you haven’t created anything really yours for last 23 years.

6. Stop threatening and fightingon the Internet – go to military registration offices and sign up for the chastiser team. Everyone on the Internet will be considered a coward, deviator and deserter, who must be shot.

7. And, at last, stop speaking Russian, language of Aggressor. I completely agree with Irina Farion here – a realideologicalBandera supporter must speak Ukrainian – don’t sully Great Russian Language with your nazi mouths. Juvenile delinquents of Kolomoisky are concerned in too. Or it will be disgrace.

Alexander Rogers, specially for Anna-news

Оригинал статьи на русском языке: http://www.anna-news.info/node/20449