Information War. Interview with Marat Musin (engl. version)

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Our questions are answered by Marat Musin, Doctor of science in Economics, the creator of ANNA-News information agency.

- Marat Mazitovich, one year ago you said that the war in Syria would end with victory of Bashar Asad, but we do not watch this now.
- The fact that Bashar Asad is still the head of the country - is itself a great victory. The war of annihilation against Syria is going on for the fifth year. Triggermen from all over the world fight on the Syrian territory and intelligence services of the USA, Britain, Saudi Arabia and some other countries sponsor, train and arm them. Some assasination attempts were organised on Bashar Asad.
Some time ago Barak Obama called ISIL triggermen one of the main world-threatening dangers. However, he "forgot" to mention that CIA has been the direct creator of this force grouping. And - what a surprise!- American air combat forces start bombing ISIL soldiers, but doing that very strangely. The matter is that last year, the ISIL forces captured some oil deposits in Iraq and started selling oil. Nobody admits buying it from them. Nevertheless, according to eye witness' account, about 600(six hundred) tank trucks full of oil leave the controlled by ISIL territories every day. And on some mysterious reason, Americans do not bomb them! They send their missiles in such a way, that to push groups of terrorists in the direction of Syria.
It is evident, that the USA want to make Wahhabi troops activise the war against Bashar Asad's Army.
- And who supports Syria in this war?
- The biggest help comes from Iran. The second is Russia. But this help is not enough to push all the triggermen out Syrian borders, in view of the fact that new troops of Wahhabis collected from different countries are coming constantly. At the moment, the Urkaine attracts much attention of the USA and their co-belligerents, which makes the situation for Bashar Asad easier.

The Urkaine
-We talked to you at the end of January 2014 and then you said that your war-news agency ANNA -News was starting work in the Urkaine, although there was no war there yet.
- Even then it was clear that it wouldn't do without a war. By the way, on February.27 on our newswire we published decree N90 of President of the Ucraine Viktor Yanukovich, in which he blamed the take-over in Kiev and called military men and Intelligence Agency men for order and to insubmission to the new regime. That decree appeared to be just a project and Yanukovich did not decide to sign it. Nevertheless that cooled some hothead's ardour and allowed the Crimea to return to Russia "bloodlessly".
Then the Civil war began, which our volunteers have been filming till today. These documentaries are shown on many Russian and foreign TV channels. Urkainian channels also demonstrate our films, but add their own comments that the victims were killed not by Ukrainian army, but by "terrorists" who bomb and shoot at non-combatant peaceful towns. Four of our volunteers were wounded in Urkaine and four were taken captive and prisoned. One of them was exchanged for 17(seventeen) Ukranian officers plus one citizen of Georgia.
I have always said that Bashar Asad, fighting against jihadists in fact fights for Russia because thus he takes upon himself forces and resourses of Americans and their co-belligerents. Little by little war is coming up to Russian borders. Americans do not camouflage that they intend to replace the ruling authority both in Russia and in Syria. It means that the same methods will be used.
Representatives of American Intelligence Services openly go to work to the building of Ukrainian Security Service and function there very actively. Many generals and officers of USA Army are coming to Urkaine to teach the Ukrainians to war. Our reporters at forefront can often hear English speech from the Ukrainian side. Local people from the territories liberated by militia men of Novorossia report of a great number of English speaking foreigners in Ukrainian Army. It is notable that when Poroshenko ordered his soldiers to stop artillery engagement in his TV address in February, he did that in two languages - Ukrainian and English. He knows it perfectly that many people in his army speak English and do not understand Ukrainian.
The information war is very important. As you know all Russian TV channels in Urkaine have beeh switched off, while local TVchannels are only filled with mobilizational propaganda like "Russia has attacked us, we must take guns and defend our families". As a result thousands of young boys are sent for death as cannon fodder. Artillery and Multiple Launch Rocket Systems destroy cities and towns, non-combatant people die. It is clear that the true goal of Americans is Russia, not the Ukraine. The Ukraine is just an instrument, the sourse of manpower (yet alive) The weapons, instructors and intelligence information received from satellites are provided by Americans. Ukrainian army is evidently being prepared for war against Russia.

- But Ukrainian army cannot resist to full-fledged armed power equipped with modern warplanes and rockets.
- In Libya Triggermen also could not resist to Kaddafi's army. I was there at that time. Remember, then the Resolution of United Nations Security Council about no-fly zone over Libya was passed. By the way, Russia backed that decision. Muammar Kaddafi closed his warplanes in aircraft sheds and began waiting international watchmen who would check how he observed the resolution. However, the watchmen did not come flying, instead them American rockets came flying and defeated all Libyan warplanes with aircraft sheds. After that NATO air forces started flying in the Libyan no-flying zones and bomb Kaddafi's ground military forces, then killed him himself. Western countries will try to use the same method with us. They can demand to establish no-flying Zone over Donetsk and Lugansk regions as well as over neighbour Russian territories.
Defeat of Donbass will mean that the war will move into Russian Federation. Immediatelly agents of Ukrainian Security Service who wormed inside Russia under guise of refugees, jihadists and agents of Western intelligence agencies will be activated.
Mass Media and Internet will publish materials about corruption in Russian bodies of government. As long as a lot of things in our country depend on the first person of the state, they will try to take him off the power, up to physical liquidation.
- How many lives has this war already taken according to your information data?
- Different numbers are declared, it is very difficult to check them. According to my estimations it is about 20 000 twenty thousand people.Witnesses told me that Urkainian officers shot wounded soldiers and then just covered their dead bodies with soil, without any marking of graves. Deaths in both sides of the war cause the aspiration of revenge for their killed relatives and friends. This is the most terrible thing about civil war.
- Are there jihadists in the Ukraine yet?
- Why not? They are there. During battles at Debaltsevo my camera crew came into Chernukhino village with the first troop of militia men, and suddenly our artillery began bombing us. In our camera crew there was a man who used to serve in air assault forces, he managed to explain to the artillerists where to shoot. As a result of that bombardment, a Chechen terrorist Isa Munaev was killed (he took part in the First and Second Chechen wars) who came from Europe as the leader of Jihadist gang formed there. But mostly they use Ukrainian fellows as cannon fodder.

- What should Russia do in this situation?
- To struggle with the forein enemy and at the same time to develope its own industry, as we did it during the Great Patriotic War. To rely on investments from the West is just ridiculous. Ukrainian regime bluntly and purposefully annihilates population in order to please Americans. Until this regime is in Kiev the situation will not change.
A lot of people are disgusted with Ukranian leaders' declarations that during the World War II the USSR occupied the Ukraine.
But we must not forget that these people beleive themselves to be descendants of division Galichina soldiers who fought at World War II together with German fashists, but lost. Today. the main question is how to remove the nazi power in the Urkaine.
Brains of many people are stuffed with information about Russian agression. They are not likely to recover themselves until flame of the war touches each of them.
Lately, all Russian TV channels have started investigating the sourses of Ukrainian nazism, how it has happened that many people whom we believed to be our brothers, began to hate us. But that did not start in 2014. Remember, "Orange revolution" happened 10 ten years ago, but they had started prepairing it much earlier. At that time Russia did not pay much attention to the Ukrainian problems, but today there is a great deal of information on the Ukraine, but Ukrainians cannot watch Russian TV programmes.
Americans have injected huge money to control Ukrainian Internet segment. If a person comes to a site, prohibited in theUrkaine, his computer is attacked by special viruses and breaks down. Thousands of bloggers publish information which is advantageous for Americans, while sensible people's voices are choked and silenced.
A young man from the Ukraine contacted me and said he would like to make videos for ANNA-News, but he cannot do that because agents of Intelligence services take away videocameras when people start filming anything.
We should strive for getting normal Ukrainian leaders who would defend Ukrainian, not Amerikan interests. It is necessary to create government-in-exile, like Western countries usually do, and this government would address Ukrainian people. It is necessary to break through information barriers and bring the truth to people. It is not a secret that citizens of the Ukraine were sick and tired of corruption that existed during Yanukovich's time, but now things have become even worse. Lugansk People Republic is trying to build a society without oligarchs, virtually defending those ideas that honest people were struggling for at "Maidan" in Kiev.
These days there is terrorization of honest people in the Ukraine. The Security Service of Ukraine puts to tortures, excruciates, cripples, uglify and kills people, I know that by my comrades' evidences. We shall struggle against Kiev fashist gang so that Russian and Ukrainian people could live in peace and help each other. All normal people are against war.

The interview was done by Sergey Pravosudov.

Translated by ASO.


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