Последствия подрыва смертника ДАИШ в гуманитарном коридоре из Фаллуджи

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Aftermath footage of an ISIS suicide bomber that blew himself up at a humanitarian corridor...

Кадры внутри боевого отделения Ми-35 ВВС Ирака воздушной поддержки

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Inside Iraqi Mi35 gunship providing close air support against ISIS targets in Fallujah

МИ-28 ВВС Ирака уничтожил 17 бойцов ДАИШ в Фаллудже

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Mi28 helicopter destroy 17 IS Iblis State fighters in Fallujah

Iraqi Army Aviation CH-4B drone monitored ISIS fighter in Fallujah city with coordination of the Iraqi Security Forces. ISIS fighters were engaged in a battle with the ISF and the ISF called in support. CH-4B armed drones monitored the situation as it escalated and launched a guided missile when appropriate. A Cessna AC-208 was also sent to launch a hellfire against more ISIS targets in the rear command position. After an hour and a half of skirmishes the Iraqi Army Aviation Mi-28 Helicopter arrived and destroyed ISIS resistance in the area and fired a guided missile on remaining fighters and vehicles. Total losses directly killed by the Air Force and Army Aviation are 17 ISIS fighters including military officers, 2 vehicles and 1 fighting position. 1x HJ-10 guided missiles was used by CH-4B armed drone. 1x AGM-114 Hellfire was used by AC-208. 2x ATAKA guided missiles were used by the Mi-28 as well as bullets and rockets. Total cost to the Army Aviation was $450,000USD.

Операция «Слом терроризма». Добровольческие части Ирака готовятся к штурму Фаллуджи

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«Operation Breaking Terrorism»: Iraqi PMU troop concentrations northeast of Fallujah
Al Karmah area northeast of Fallujah: Forces of Iraqi popular mobilization (Badr and Saraya Ansar al-Aqeeda) forces are concentrated prior to an attack on ISIS positions. A lot of IRAM launchers and modified / upgraded fighting vehicle can be seen.

Бои в Ираке с ДАИШ-ИГ. лента 30.05.2016

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Iraq War on IS Iblis State May 30th 2016

Бои за Эль-Фалуджу 2. Combat in North Fallujah for the Liberation of Fallujah Operation "15th of Shaban"

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The operation «15th of Shaban» involves 20,000 Iraqi troops. There are 10,000 Iraqi Army, Federal Police and Golden Division. There are 10,000 PMU fighters. 5,000 of the PMU fighters are Sunni tribal fighters from Anbar who have joined the Popular Mobilization Units to fight ISIS and the other 5,000 are the mostly Shia volunteers from around Iraq to support this operation. Iraqi Air Force and Army Aviation work together to support the infantry. Coalition air force is also participating in the operation. Fallujah will be liberated of ISIS.

Battle of Fallujah Drone video of the battlefield during the pounding of Iblis State positions

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The battle for the liberation of Fallujah (May 23, 2016): Drone video of the battlefield during the pounding of ISIS positions by Iraqi artillery and rockets. The footage was released by a channel close to the Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah (Hezbollah Brigades)
Die Schlacht um Falludscha: Drohnenaufnahmen des Schlachtfeldes während der Bekämpfung von IS Verteidigungsstellungen im Umfeld der Stadt.

Intense battles between Iraqi forces and IS Iblis State at the frontline in Jabal Makhoul

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Iraqi forces exchange fire with ISIS terrorists at the frontline in Jabal Makhoul (Makhoul mountains). The Makhoul mountains are located north of Baiji.
Irakische Einheiten verteidigen ihre Stellungen in den Makhoul Bergen gegen IS Angriffe